about the Company

CZANN is creative design house based in Seoul, Korea.  Our womenswear collection presents a complete wardrobe for women, bringing together two separate lines:  C-ZANN E, main line and CIE-Z E, casual line.   All collection are inspired  by ‘Minimalism’ and Korean ‘HanBok’ style with clean line, basic shapes, squares or circles. The Designer creates clothes that are both luxurious and wearable with expressing beauty of myself.

Touch is sophisticated, modern but traditionally refined with exceptional fabrics and highly perfected detail. The main collection revolutionized the way western dressed with ‘Hanbok’ outfit, a Korean traditional clothing. The elegant pieces are made in Oaksa-silk, linen, and cashmere.

CZANN’s innovation and early success has been recognized and funded by the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Department run by the Korean Government.

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Our Designer

Our creative designer is Seo Jung Lee. She is born in Korea and educated at FIT in New York, began her career as a fashion designer in New York and Seoul before launching her own brands.

Avant Garde
"Hanbok" Outfit

Meet The Team

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